Monday, November 5, 2007

“Alcohol may be man's worst enemy, but the bible says love your enemy.” Frank Sinatra #1-3

Popular Culture 1-3

It seems as if computer manufacturers are trying to get rid of desktop computers. Many different things have caused this belief of mine. Anymore I feel like the only commercials you see for computers are for laptops. These companies are not pushing the desktops like they use to. It is almost as if desktops are becoming obsolete. Companies like Apple (, 2007) and HP (, 2007) are investing a lot of money into commercials that push their current and upcoming lines of laptop computers. Apple even offered to give away a free ipod to students with a computer purchase.

On TV I have noticed a lot of big name shows that almost always have an Apple computer displayed in their episodes. Also, I have noticed that HP has used a lot of big time pop culture stars to push their laptops from rapper Jay-Z to professional snowboarder Shawn White to music producer Pharrell Williams. It feels like the only use these companies want us to have for desktop computers is for working purposes. For example, Apple still has mac pro line, however, they are mainly used for recording studios, heavy graphic design companies, and other art industry jobs. Very seldom do you hear of someone owning a mac pro anymore.


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mreese said...

It's interesting to note that, in Japan, personal computer sales are dropping. Apparently there is less need for home computers because everyone either does what they need to at work or school. People also much prefer to spend their money on other electronics such as video game consols and cell phones. Advancements in technology allow for Internet access on cell phones which previously was only available through computers.