Monday, November 5, 2007

Holy Pop Culture Blog Batman. 1-1.

Popular Culture to me is all about the trends and things people are currently viewing as cool or fun. Fashion is a great example of popular culture because it is all about trends and what is hot right now. Jeans may be baggy this season and skinny fit next season. Trends change and it is all an influence of popular culture. An understanding of popular culture from a business standpoint is important because if businesses do not know what is currently popular, they will not know what groups of people to target, or how to do so. My artifact of popular culture is YouTube because it has taken over the world in the past couple years. If you have not heard of YouTube it is mandatory that you stop what you are doing right now, surf over to and indulge yourself in some video goodness. : )

Perfect short example of YouTube at it's finest.

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mreese said...

Baggy jeans are out and skinnies are all the rage right now. You can thank the scene kid subculture and their girl-pants wearing ways for that one. It's interesting how the mainstream diffuses aspects of counterculture into itself. That's really how jeans got their start any how. Prior to the 60s, jeans were strictly worn by the working class but due to hippies wearing them, the mainstream caught onto the craze and designer denim was born.