Monday, November 26, 2007


Assignment 4-1

What is it about Pop culture that makes us put celebrities up on pedestals? Are they really that different from us? For this weeks written analysis we will talk about Kanye West losing his mother. Lets talk about what a celebrity is, how Kanye has reacted on stage, and how his feelings may vary from ours in the same situation.
First of all, let us give a definition of what a celebrity is. A celebrity is defined as a widely recognized or famous person who commands a high degree of public and media attention (Wikipedia, 2007). That being said, Kanye West is a musician. He tours very frequently. Recently his mother passed away. The reason for her passing was because she was not in good cardiac health and was told to get tested before undergoing plastic surgery. Ignoring the doctor’s orders, Kanye’s mother got the surgery anyway. The surgery went wrong and she did indeed pass away due to her heart problems. This has caused Kanye to act differently on stage.
During Kanye’s shows he sings a song called Hey Mama from his 2005 album Late Registration (Amazon, 2007). This song was dedicated to his mother before her passing. When Kanye began to sing this song, he broke down crying. Kanye was on stage screaming that he needed his mother now. Fans were not use to this kind of behavior from a celebrity.
When we look at celebrities we see the glamour and the glory that they have in their lives. We envy them for these lives they lead, but we start to forget sometimes that they are indeed people too. We ignore that they have things happening in their lives that are indeed crucial. Kanye’s behavior was perfectly normal and should not be looked at negatively as we too may have reacted the same way.
In conclusion I feel that we as fans and fellow people should treat Kanye with the utmost respect for his loss. The media should not criticize him for how he feels in his loss. We should all welcome him into our arms and comfort Kaye until he feels whole again. Celebrities are no different from us outside of all the press and their fame. Celebrities are humans too.

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