Monday, November 12, 2007

point and double click on this icon.

Assignment 2-2

What is an icon? For starters, they are something on your computer, but that is not what we are talking about. We are talking about pop culture icons. We are talking about pop culture icons. These are the movies, people, and music that will never die. Their legends will live on forever.

The icons I chose are the movie The Godfather, Frank Sinatra, and Lebron James. The Godfather is a movie known to people all over the world. When people talk about mob movies, this is usually the first movie that is brought up. Next, we have Frank Sinatra. Sinatra is best known as a musician and an actor. People of all ages still listen to Sinatra. He is one of the few musicians that both a grandparent and grandchild can enjoy together. My third icon is Lebron James. Although he is new on the scene in the National Basketball Association he has already made himself an icon. He is not just a basketball player, but also a clothing label of nike, an actor, and a positive role model for kids.

Each of my icons were chosen for different reasons. I chose the Godfather because it is an amazing movie that came out many years ago that people still watch today. Ut has an interesting perspective on the mob culture the way it was in those days. I chose Frank Sinatra because his music has stood the test of time. You it everywhere: department stores, radio stations, commercials, movies, and many others. I chose Lebron James because he has made such a large impact in such a little amount of time. When I think of basketball today, I think of Lebron James. People are already comparing him to Michael Jordan, who is probably the biggest icon to ever play in the National Basketball Association. Lebron James is my favorite basketball player.

In my opinion, these three icons have become immortalized. Even though they are not all three living people, they will be talked about for many years to come. To me, these icons offer a window into a way of life we would not normally be able to witness. The entertainment evens these icons provide allow more excitement away from our everyday stresses. This in turn allows them to continue to watched and listened to and to live on forever.

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